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by DUANE for President..

A REAL PRESIDENT by DUANE for President...

“We have all come to know, especially those of us in The Various & Separate American States (The United States of America is a Private Corporation) what a Programmed Political President usually acts like and what they do. Because of how most people have been cleverly indoctrinated to Agree to a System that Controls them, they like to act as though everything is always copacetic and will be fine according to Their Own Thinking Process and what the Political & Religious Public Rulers have told people. There is a Lot More going on Here with This Planet Earth that most people do not want to face or become aware of. Still, it is Still Happening no matter what people 'think' or do not want to consider or See. When I am Stating... DUANE for President, I am Not referring to a 'political' position of Authority & Restrictions, but a RealPosition of Genuine Sincerity & Honorability that many people are not familiar with. I am Referring to Sharing My Experiences with those who want to Learn how to Be SelfSufficient & Make Sense with what is Really Happening Here. The Marketed Masses have been Emotionally, Mentally & Subliminally Persuaded to Agree to SoundGood & LookGood Marketing Ploy by those who Control them. It is More Than Obvious, that because of the 'look-good & sound-good' scenarios that have been created to entice & seduce people, that Almost Everything on This Planet Earth is Rapidly Getting Worse & Worse! How Desperately Fatal does This Planet have to get before a Real~WakeUP takes place? As a Real~President, I will become NUManagement (NUMAN for short) and Support Those who Support & Honor The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. It can Be So, that This Planet Earth can Become Better & Better, instead of Worse, but it will take Everyone to Decide to BeReal with Everything that Supports Everyone Here! Making Sense Makes Sense!

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