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by DUANE for President...

AwarePeople by DUANE for President...

“As a Real~President, DuaneIS relating to AwarePeople, those People who have an Awareness as to what is Really Taking Place Here, aside from the 'political' routines of snow-jobing people into 'thinking' according to the systems that Restrict & Control them. The Old Political Campaigners like to relate to the 'unaware people' who do not seem to know any better than to cast their vote according to premeditated subliminally controlling pretty speeches. DuaneIS Very Honorable is his approach to the Public, and that is, that everything that matters be SelfEvident for What IT IS! DuaneIS Always Focusing on The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, aside from those who create 'issues' that only involve 'setup drama' and confrontations that do not have to exist. The old systems have been very cleaver to fool people into Agreeing with what does not matter on This Planet Earth to keep people Distracted to Control Them! Do the Birds do this to each other? NO, but People Do! DuaneIS for making Sense of Living on Planet Earth like it was before all the Pollution & Poisoning came about. So, DuaneIS Looking for AwarePeople who have The RealCourage to StepUP and Do Something Real with what Makes Sense with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting Everyone! DuaneIS interested in AwarePeople who want to LearnMore & SeeMore as to What IS Really Taking Place Here!

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