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“ALL the Birds & Bees are Supporting DUANE for President with ALL The Earth. DUANE SEES The ALLNatural Environment and Everything that Makes Sense with ALLLife to have RealValue. The Bureaucratic CONtrolling Systems only want DumbedDown unaware people as Voters, and to keep these 'voter' people as slaves and subservient to THEM (TapLining HUman Eating Martians). DUANE is not interested in 'votes or voters' who keep Agreeing to be CONtrolled by Abusive Authorities and who Steal from Others. ALLLife 'IS' for Everyone! There is so much more to This Physical Realm than just Planet Earth, but First there Must Be a Huge WakeUP for Everyone to take part with Preserving The ALLNatural Environment, or Everything Here will Disappear! The Birds, Bees, Trees, and Everything that is Alive & Living Here needs to have their own place and WellBeing, as each of US came Here to Learn how to Become Aware of Creation, and then to surpass what Creation refers to, then onward to The ReALL~UNUversisss of RealFreedom! In the meantime, there has been a lot of Created Distortion & Deception that Everyone has been TapLined with, and especially with their Agreed to Emotional Attachments, which equals the 'sensations' almost everyone chases from lifetime to lifetime. The Bees & Birds can See Through what 'normalized' people cannot. So, looking at the invented CONtrolling PoliticalReligious Systems, it is easy to See why the Deceptive Politicians 'market' unaware people as their 'voters' and supporters! DUANE IS REAL NOW and No Funny Stuff that has No RealValue!

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