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by DUANE for President..


“Looking over 'What Makes Sense' with The ALLNatural Environment is to where Each Person is SelfSufficient & SelfSustaining with what has always Naturally occurred Here. Since those times when people could figure out their lives with what has always been on This Planet Earth, a series of Created Distortions have come about to where Everything is what it is Today... Polluted & Poisoned! Looking over the process of getting from There to Here and it is More Than Obvious that there are Those who have purposely interfered and implemented a Kontrolling Factor to just about Everything the vulnerable & unaware public has to deal with. So, from Being SelfSufficient & SelfSustaining to Survive, it has come to the point to where almost Everyone is Dependent upon an 'artificial' means to Survive, and also Agreed to let the CertainFew Decide their Life & Fate! Does this really Make Sense? Is there no other way to Live & Be, besides having to constantly deal with a Worse Kontrolled Environment Everyday? There was a time when there was no business world and The ALLNatural Environment was Fine and Always Getting Better, and so what is the RealValue of the Business World and being Kontrolled by Others who do not care about The ALLNatural Environment, compared to Being SelfSufficient & SelfSustaining? Each Person has the right to Decide Their Life and how they want to Live Here without interference from Others. There is always a way to accomplish a Better Understanding when Each Person is Willing!

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