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by DUANE for President...

BIRDS by DUANE for President...

“Have you ever seen a Flock of Birds in any Military Action or Maneuvers? What about confronting other Flocks of Birds in Battle? Birds Do Not Destroy Their Environment as do MilitaryMinded People who have prepared themselves for Lethal Confrontations of Combat. Not many people really wonder about the 'ploy' of what has been cleverly created as a Military System Controlled by SelfAppointed Governments to defend themselves against others, which has all been a 'setup' to get unaware people to 'chase their tails' so to speak and Stay CONfused. Keeping unaware & vulnerable people CONfused is a Created Game to Control them. Birds are Not Confused or Fooled by Deception, but Very Aware, and this is why they do Not do as people do. Again, use the Birds as a Great Example of Not Needing to create any defenses of a destructive occurrence. It is so that Birds & Animals do have their situations they must deal with and each other, as they are on This Harsh Surface known as Earth, but they do not Purposely Plan Pollution & Poisoning of Others, nor do they ever consider TakeOver Agendas to Dominate Others. What would This World be like without the MilitaryMind CONtrollers? Would it be Better or Worse? This is a Silly Question, and the Answer is Obvious, except to Those who want to Control Others! Everything Here is Choice. In This Generation, all of us came into This Life with what was already Here, and so it would 'seem' as though Governments with Military's are necessary, but are they really? As long as people keep 'thinking' and Agreeing as they have about what has been created Here and constantly adding to it, then a Huge Decline will continue to take place that will have to be constantly dealt with by Those who are Not Paying Attention and how they are being CONtrolled by Others. There is No End to the Harsh & Struggling Lifetimes a person can go thru and still Accomplish Nothing Here of a RealValue! IT IS Time for a Real~WakeUP & RealFreedom Now!

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