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ChemTrail AirShows


ChemTrail AirShows by DUANE THE GREAT WRITER...

“Let's take a look a little peek at a portion of History to Seee how the 'AirShow' idea came about, and I won't go back too far, just a few hundred years. When the Indigenous Indians were Here with what is known as The United States, did they consider 'things' that flew in the air, besides the Birds? Gradually, with the WarMongers of Europe, has the Technical Age emerged, and actually farther back in History than can be imagined. So, the WarMongers get unaware people to develop technology to where it is at today as a 'supposed' defense against others who would try and hurt or steal from the 'good' people (Actually THEM). The WM have gotten unaware people to Agree to be TapLined and 'subjects' to Their KONtrolling Will, and at the same time have marketed the 'ideas' that what is needed is Weapons of Mass Destruction to protect innocent people (Again, to actually Protect THEM). It is the 'innocent' unaware people who have subjected themselves to being Kontrolled by those who Kontrol Lethal Technology. So Today, what has been so Agreed upon to 'supposedly' protect the innocent, is actually a 'ploy' to get people to Agree to HUman Farming on This Planet Earth! The AirShows and Other Krafty Events, Devises & Demonstrations, are created to Glorify the Insanity of the Kriminals who use Their Created Money to 'buy' people off, so they will Agree to being a Poisoned Prisoner on a Prison Planet! The 'streams' of smoke coming from the Jets & Planes at the AirShows is Poisonous ChemTrails to infect & subdue the UNaware Masses into Submission! The Combat Military 'idea' of Patriotism that has plagued History has all been Kleverly KONtrived by The Virtually UnNoticed Manipulators who are hidden behind all Their SurfaceWorld Deception, and who many people 'think' do not exist, but they do! The Deceptors created the idea of 'Conspiracy Theory' to point the finger at those who have discovered what the World KONtrollers are Doing Here! Once You start to Pay Attention to the Effects of Everything being ruined Here, then You will See what is really taking place right in front of YOU! YOU have been Here many times before and subjecting YourSelf to the same Prisoner Tactics as before, and this will continue on for YOU & Everyone Else, until each person Decides to StepUP & WakeUP to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient. ThereIS ReALL~UNUversisss of ReALLFreedom Available Now! NO ONE has to look to Authorities who create Restrictions of UNconsciousness, that not only Effect You & Others, but an Overall Effect throughout ALL of Creation is taking place to where there are Black Holes in the already Black Space of UNconsciousness, because of the imploding Agreement of Demise to being KONtrolled, Manipulated & Abused by Others! READ THE NUBOOKS by DUANE THE GREAT WRITER with REBISAR & PALL & The ReALL~UNUversal Guides...

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