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by DUANE for President..

DO SOMETHING REAL by DUANE for President...

“YOU have Not Been Taught that YOU have been Here so many times before and doing the same old slave-driven routines for ongoing lifetimes! There 'IS' a Much Better Way and a Lot More Fun once You Learn to Understand What I 'IS' Presenting Here for You to Become MoreAware. You always have the Choice with your Free Will to do Whatever You Want, but if You Keep Doing what You Always Have, then You will soon end up in the same place and forgetting once again that You were ever Here. For sure, You have Your PersonalLife that is important to You, but is it more important than Learning about Being SelfSufficient and Having RealFreedom? To Become SelfSufficient and Have RealFreedom 'IS' a Huge Journey, and so most unaware people will stay with what they have always known and continue to Struggle & Suffer on This Planet Earth. There 'IS' a Better Way which 'IS' a Lot More Fun as You take the time to get involved with what I 'IS' Sharing. My RealFocus 'IS' The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. I am Not Promoting anything political, religious, spiritual, scientific or otherwise, as I am merely trying to Make Sense Here and having to deal with what is happening ALL Over This Planet Earth and how Most People are Not Paying Attention to What Really Supports Them! No one has to Pay Attention to ALL the Pollution & Poisoning and then actually Do Something Real with What Comes First to Support ALL of US. But if You Do StepUP, then You will begin to Seee a Lot More! Thru Your involvement with The ALLNatural Environment and what I 'IS' Sharing, You will begin to Become MoreAware and Start to SeeeBeyond what You have known that is SelfRestricting and CONtrolling You from Others who use their self-invented agendas to Rule Over You & Others. To have a RealLife, You Must Be a Real RiskTaker and Do what most people will Not, because they are too afraid to! YOU Always Decide Your Fate & Destiny!

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