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DUANE for PRESIDENT with ALL~EARTH by DUANE for President..

DUANE for PRESIDENT with ALL~EARTH by DUANE for President...

“The original idea of a President is a person who steps up and Decides to Manage what has to be Managed. Have the Presidents of The United States of America (which is a Private Corporation aside from The States of America) actually been 100% Honest & Honorable with The American People who have Supported THEM? Have the Presidents been Trustworthy of their sworn in position? Have the Presidents been Truthful with their office, as they specified with Their Campaigning, or did they have a Hidden Agenda tied to Others who actually Fund and Back THEM? It is Always Very Obvious as to what has taken place and what is taking place Now with the PoliReligious Systems on This Planet Earth! But then again, most unaware people do Not want to See what is really taking place on This World Where They Live. All Deception Shows Up! My Guess is, that most people will 'think' that I am running for President of The United States, but not so. My Real~Position is Not political, but very Realistic, and that is with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. I am Not campaigning or looking for votes. What I See is there has to Be Real~Management from all that has happened in the last 300 Years Here. So, a Real~President is needed that is WorldWide and not just localized. I am Stepping Up as New Management, which is defined as THE NUMAN. I Support Those who Support what I Do, and in this way WE ALL Support Each Other! I am simply Doing My Part with Those who want to have a Real Planet Earth without Pollution & Poisons! A Real~President who Makes Sense of Everything on Your Planet Earth! LET'S DO NEW TOGETHER!

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