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DUANEIS FuturPresident


DUANEIS FuturPresident by DUANE for PRESIDENT...
“There 'IS' So Much More to Life than what is Seen & Experienced from what has been created Here. Most people do Not know why they are Here and what they are doing Here, as they merely 'go along' with what is taking place with whatever situations occur that entail their Survival on This Planet Earth. Many people are 'thinking' that Duane is 'running' for President of The United States and 'campaigning' and looking for 'votes' but this is Not so. The United States is a Corporation that was created to Control the UNaware Masses for Their Support. The States of America are not the same as the Federal Government. DUANEIS Supporting The ALLNatural Environment Supporting Everyone Here. DUANEIS FuturPresident from what will Come to BE. Not everyone will Seee This! There 'IS' always Something Taking Place that is Not Evident in the same way as the Personal Senses operate, as is This Surface World of created 'things' that hold people's attention and keep them from Seeeing Beyond what they already know. There 'IS' More to This Life than just having a LiteralMind to relate to, and then to relate to others. Each of US has a Real Awareness that has a Real Position, and far moreso than what can be understood from any Educated LiteralMind. Each of US Decides Our Life and Our Adventure to Take The Risk to See More, or to stay the same as we have been raised and taught with. DUANEIS a Real President and Not a 'party' President.

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