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LOOKING to AUTHORITIES by DUANE for President...

“We have all come thru a 'process' of being indoctrinated with the idea that we must look to Authorities for our very existence. To a point, this does make sense, like that of our parents, school teachers and then the invented social agencies, and finally, supposedly 'believing in something' else that is unseen in outer space with our experiences Here. All this is Fine for those who want to continue to look to others for their personal life and also beyond this life, because all lifetimes Here are very short. Authorities have their place, but by no means are they an 'absolute' like so many have been taught & indoctrinated into 'thinking' it is so. Do the Birds Have or Need or look to an Authority? A Real Study of Real History will reveal that the 'outer space' labeled deities are not what unaware people have been led to MakeBelieve they are! But then again, this is the Earth where people like to do so many different funny things. I See The ALLNatural Environment that Supports ALL of US the Prime Essential for Our Survival & Existence Here. It does Not Make Sense that there is Contaminating Toxic Pollution & Poisons taking place Everyday on This Planet Earth. This Does Not Make Sense! Who has The RealCourage to Face & Address what has become the #1 issue? There are those who want to become President, and have Any of the Political Presidents Thoroughly Addressed what is really happening ALL Over This World with The ALLNatural Environment? What I mean is, have they ever done anything remotely close to More than just 'pretty words & politically enticing speeches?' If people want to look to Authorities, wouldn't it Make Sense that the Authorities they look to are Realistically Honorable and not just Artificial Actors? Everything Becomes SelfEvident and ALL Deception Shows Up! How long can each person keep Pretending that The ALLNatural Environment will be okay, when it is Not Okay and Getting Worse Every Moment!

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