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by DUANE for President...


“Is it really Necessary to have So Much Political Deception to the People who Support the System? When the Indigenous People lived Their Lives Openly with Their Free Will to where they could do anything they wanted, did they in any way Deceive Their Community or Purposely Deceive Others? When the White Man came to claim the Land where the Native People Already Occupied, after some time the Natives caught on to what the Whitees were really doing, and that is, usually trying to Deceive them in some way. Of course, the Whitees did not like being 'caught' at their own game, as they came from Warring Europe where the Crafty Bankers were backing a Military TakeOver of what was to become North America. So, the Whitees 'branded' the Natives as hostiles & savages and continued Their TakeOver to This Day! Take a Look at Real History and Learn to See what has really taken place From Then To Now! When people are told they have Rights or are Free by Crafty Deceptive Politicians, they are being 'setup' to Agree according to what the Political Regime and Their Printed Doctrines have Decided for Them. Do the Birds tell each other, “Hi Tweedy, guess what, I was told We are Free!” Said one Bird to another, as Tweedy replied, “By Who?” The Bird looked at Tweedy and said, “From some Whitee on the ground as I was perched high on a tree limb!” He said. Does this Make Sense to YOU? The UNaware Masses have been Cleverly & Sneakedly Deceived into Agreeing to be OneDimensionally indoctrinated and Numbly Persuaded with boring work-a-day-routines that enslave them into a lasting servitude to the Political & Religious Systems they Support. Does this Make Any Sense at all? As President, I Support The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US with NO DECEPTION! This Makes Sense for Everyone!

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