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by DUANE for President..

ReALL~Freedom by DUANE for President...

“ALL of US who are HereNow have been raised with certain 'ideas' such as there is some kind of 'freedom' Here with what we are each having to deal with. It is so, that each one of US has the so-called freedom to walk around where we want, well almost. And that we can drive our vehicles where we want, well almost. And that we can 'think' what we want and Express OurSelves the way we want, well almost. I do not have to point out ALL the Restrictions there are to Everything we want to do Here, as each one of US continues to have to deal with Restriction after Restriction and More Restrictions Everyday! For some people, and they have Free Will to Decide whatever they want & like, Agreeing to Restrictions has become a 'way of life' to where they cannot Seee anything else! Everyone has the Right to Keep Agreeing to Authoritarian Rules, Regulations, Doctrines & Restrictions and Not Make Any Sense of Their Life Here. I do not appose what has been created Here, but MoreSo Seee that ThereIS More to ALLLife than just Agreeing to Created Restrictions and Growing Old & Older, until a person forgets where they are. ThereIS a ReALL~Freedom that 'IS' SoooReALL, that it cannot be considered or imagine by Your PersonalMind & Senses. The FirstStep to Recogn'IS'ing ReALL~Freedom is to Pay Close Attention to The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. It is More Than Obvious that the Created Business World of Chasing Manufactured Money is more important to most unaware people than Surviving without being Poisoned & Suffocated without a ReALL~Understanding as to why they are Here and What Else 'IS' Possible. Until Each Person Decides for ThemSelves they DO want ReALL~Freedom and not just manipulated 'implied freedoms' while they are Here, they will never Learn & Seee How to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient and Free from ALL Authorities & Created Restrictions! IT IS YOUR FREE WILL TO BE WONDERFUL!

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