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“As we have all come into Creation, there have been those times when The ReALL~UNUversal Guides made an appearance and brought 'something' for those days gone by. Gradually, everything becomes infiltrated by Those who like to KONtrol Others, but the 'appearance' of something is still there, but it is Not the Same. The ReALLGuides show a person how to Become SelfSufficient & Survive with ReALLFreedom, and the Sneaky CertainFew gradually & subtly implement Their Deceptive Dependent Doctrines of 'worshiping & prayer' and other ceremonies & rituals to where the unaware masses become groveling beggars instead if independently Freee. And so, we come to the Present Day to where those who are tired of the Old Deceptors and what they have been doing to everyone for eons of unconscious lifetimes, they want to find Something~NU. And of course, many people still carry the old 'ideas' of begging with them and 'thinking' that by doing the same old routines that Their Life will be different & better, but No. The political, religious, spiritual and other systems that have been infiltrated Here do have their ways, and each person makes their choice, but The NUPresentation & The Wonderful WorldWide Educators have Nothing to do with supporting people who want to beg to Authorities on Earth and in the Sky. The NUNownisss LifeIS 'IS' ALL About Recogn'IS'ing what LifeIS Now. ALL of US have come thru the various invented systems in Creation with the attitude to get something for OurSelves. This is understandable, and at first this is what a person goes thru, until they Learn to Seee The Biggger Picture of What LifeISSS! On This Planet Earth, there is Only implied freedom and Nothing More! To have RealFreedom from ALL Restrictions & Authorities, a person must Learn to SeeeBeyond Their PersonalSelf and the 'wants & desires' and Learn to StandReALL with The Whole of Life & Seee What IT Seees. The Passive Paths are full of self-absorbed people who want something only for themselves and then they end up somewhere in Creation after they pass from Here to where they are usually not conscious of where they are in Life. YOU Decide YourLife with YourSelf or WITH ALLL!


DUANEVA THE NUWAVISSS 'IS' with REBISAR & The ReALLGuides. Ask Kelsey & Henry on Facebook.

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