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by DUANE for President..




STEPUP & GET REAL with US by DUANE for President...

“Anyone can just go and Vote for 'someone' like most people have always done, because it is so much easier for Most People to want to be seen & known as so-called 'normal' according to the regimented social behavior most unaware people have come to know. Then there are Those People who can Seee Beyond what others cannot, and they relate to Their Seeing Ability instead of their indoctrinated social behavioral mind. People want 'freedom' but how can anyone have Real Freedom when they keep Agreeing to all the Restrictions that have been created by Those who like to Control Others? We each have a Choice every moment! Because the invented systems of politics, religion, spiritual, education, science & technology, are all Fear Based, the 'normal' people do not want to See More, because they would rather Let Their Fear Decide for Them! Today, it is easy to See that Most People will live Their Entire Life Afraid of What? And when the Next Step for them comes into View, they will not know what to do with themselves, except to Fall Back to what they have always known with Their Unseen Fears that will keep them unaware! It does take a Real Risk Taker to Do What Makes Sense with what Supports Everything Here, and that is, The ALLNatural Real Environment!

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