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by DUANE for President..

THE BIG CHALLENGE by DUANE for President...

“The Big Challenge for Most people in America with electing a New & Real President is to Recognize who has Real Value and who does Not. The UnAware Masses are 'swayed' by Marketing Ploy and sound-good 'pretty words' from Professional Advertisers who get paid a lot to Write and have their clients Say Anything, whether it is true or Not! Because the invented PoliReligious Systems have indoctrinated The UnAware Public and Their UnAware Supporters with Subliminal Fear and intimidation since America was established by the Original TakeOver from Europeans to come to North America and own it, most people have been So Literally 'drugged' with Distorted Deceptive Distractions. The Real Big Challenge is for UnAware People to See Through all the Manipulating 'ideas' that are created to 'fool' people into thinking they know what they are doing when they Vote for the 'someone' with the 2 Party System. The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US should be Foremost with anything happening on This Planet Earth! Those who are Elected to so-call 'serve the people' should have What Supports ALL of US, Be First and Always! But this is Not So with the Secretly Controlled 2 party System. The People of America and This World do have a Big Challenge and a chance to Make a Choice to Do Something Real, instead of just voting for 'someone' who sounds good and is 'bought-off ' by World Controllers who do Not care for The ALLNatural Environment Supporting Everyone Here! Duane is Not looking for 'votes' from UnAware People who vote for Public Personalities, but instead, Real Supporters who Really Do Care for Your Planet Earth!

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