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The NUConstitution

by DUANE LEE HEPPNER for President..

The NUConstitution by DUANE LEE HEPPNER for President...

“The Old Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and Other Documents created by Authorities who make Laws of Restrictions with 'implied freedoms' are for Those who want to stay OneDimensional with This Planet Earth Only. Of course, it should always be considered that what has been created Here and what is taking place with the Authoritarian Restrictions that have been implemented, that each person be Respectful of Others who want what has become the Social Structures of Today. I Seee that nothing has to be negated, but simply Better Understood for what it really is. The NUConstitution 'IS' Something to be Recogn'IS'ed and 'IS' Presented as a ReALL~Opportunity, and the Literal interpretation would be... “Each and Every Person already has the Free Will to Decide the opportunity to Recogn'IS'e Their UnResticted TruPotential as a 'FreeeBeeeing of ReALLLight!' Creation is a 'Place' with The Whole of Life that each one of US must first go thru to eventually gather enough experience, and at some point, decide to Decide to StepUP & WakeUP ALL The Way, and to Take on The ReALL~Journey into The Real~UNUversisss with The TruReALLity LifeIS, where there are NO Authorities & NO Restrictions, and ThereIS Only ReALL~Freeedom that 'IS' Endlisss! For the LiteralMind and the FiveBodies each person operates, this 'IS' a basic idea with what I am Presenting to This World, along with Supporting The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US!

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