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by DUANE for President..

The OLD OLD PROMOTERS by DUANE for President...

“Since the Beginning of the PoliReligious Systems in America, the Promoters of the 'systems' have Grown Old & Older Very Fast. Today, with what has been termed as a Democracy is nothing more than Deceptive Marketing Ploy that is created to try and 'entice' unaware & uniformed people to Support what is Altogether Hurting The ALLNatural Environment on This Planet Earth! The Deceptive Distracting Systems setup 'fake' scenarios to convince people to Agree to what Hurts Everyone the Most! Does this Make Sense? A Real~Management is Needed Here and Not Old Old Promoters who setup Their Lives for ThemSelves and watch others Suffer. Pretending that everything will fix itself and Be Okay is Not Working, nor is the 'love' ideas many people have that seem so sweet, as This World is Becoming More Polluted & Poisoned Everyday! There are Actually Those who Do Not Want Your Planet Earth to Be Pollution & Poison Free! Those who Have Real~Courage Must Step~UP & Get~Real with Everything that is taking place Here!

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