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'ThereIS Something About The SUN that UNaware People do Not Seee or Understand. Do YOU want to SeeeMore than You ever have Before, or Do YOU want to Stay the Same and Just Go Along with what You and Others have known and Feel Comfortable about Residing in a Temporary Vulnerable HUman Body for a few more moments? The SUN 'IS' Demonstrating Something Very Real & Essential to Your RealSurvival! Right Now, You might 'feel' okay with Your Life Here, but things in Cause&Effect Creation always Change as The Black Holes in This Galaxy Keep Getting Bigger! You may 'think' “Oh, I still have Time!” Are You really the Authority on how much Time that You have left? Your PersonalMind & Emotions like to relate to 'things' always getting better and that You will be Happier while You are still Here, but is this really so? It is so that a so-called 'positive' outlook is helpful, but is it an Ultimate as many 'think' it is? From what I have experienced and then Real'IS'ed & Recogn'IS'ed, I Learned to Seee what The SUN 'IS' Doing for Everyone. I can Share The Hints, but I cannot give someone The RealExperience that leads to ReALLFreedom Now. IT IS interesting to note as one example, the The SUN in reverse 'IS' NUS. To many, this again would not seem as anything, but to those Who can SeeeNow, they Know The RealConnection with ALLLife 'IS' Sing 'NU~U~U~U' and Learning to Watch The RealSide LifeIS. With The Biggger Picture, what The SUN Demonstrates 'IS' PurSUNcerity (Pure Sincerity in people language) that must be Recogn'IS'ed for What IT IS. Until a person has a ReALL~Relationship with Their ReALL~Intent, then all they have to refer & relate to is what is with Their Mind, Memory & Emotions. The TruReality LifeISSS, cannot be found in what Creation has become, but must be Seeen from The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss. What has taken place already has come and gone and can only be a 'reference' to something that once was. ALLLIFE 'ISNOW' and not with any 'doctrine or belief ' ideas that sound-good from KONtrolling Authorities. I have Created RealReferences that Make Sense with The ALLNatural Environment & The Whole of Life. It is so that it is Best to Do a Lot of Studying as to what WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators Present Now. The past is an 'evaporation' that is always taking place, and the Future can only mean that You & Others will Still be Here Struggling to Survive and Still Wondering Why You are Still Here! WWWE MAKE SENSE NOW... TAKE THE RISK TO SEEE!


DUANEVA THE NUWAVISSS 'IS' with REBISAR & The ReALLGuides. Ask Kelsey & Henry & Erick on Facebook.

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