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“The World Kontrollers are starting to Seee More than just ThemSelves, as they are Secretly Agreeing that IT DOES MAKE SENSE to have DUANE for PRESIDENT of ALL EARTH NOW! Against Their PersonalWill, The Deceptors are conceding to a NUDay of Recognition. The Birds & Bees & Animals Support DUANE 100%, and the Kontrolling Monarchy is Not Supported by anything with The ALLNatural Environment, and this is starting to Really Bother Those who 'think' they know more than Life ITSelf! Those who 'think' they have Kontrol Over Others actually do Not! In Cause&Effect Creation, a specific 'cause' can only last so long, until it becomes the 'effect' of it's own creation. This is why the Kabal Elites have to keep trying to Deceive & Fool unaware people into doing so many strange 'things' to keep the masses 'dumbed-down' and Confused with their life Here. The Birds, Bees & Animals Never initiate any Control over others, but UNaware People Do! And so, from all that has been Agreed to with the Forceable & Enforced Authoritarian Kontrol and taking advantage of considerate vulnerable people, the Planet Earth has become Totally Polluted & Poisoned! And it 'seems' as though no matter what harm continues from Those Who Do Not Care, the average 'normal' person just Agrees to the Deceptive 'standards' of Those Who Kontrol Others! So, Trump is one of Those who has Not had The Real Courage to StepUP and Tell the American People and This World about the ChemTrails, GMO, Lethal Vaccines, HAARP, 5G WiFi, Clones, Insect Robots that Carry Disease, and whatever else the Sicko's are doing to Ruin Everything & Everyone Here! Secretly, Trump is still Afraid of Himself and to Get Real with the ALLNatural Environment Supporting Everyone Here! But, he knows he Must Do This, because there 'IS' a Big & Wonderful Surpr'IS'e for Everyone on Earth who can Seee Beyond ALL Their Agreed to Restrictions of CONformity Here!

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